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Anthony DiPelloAnthony DiPello grew up in a loving family of first and second generation Italian Americans, replete with all the traditions of the rich, colorful society.

His experience on the streets of Brooklyn as a boy and young man helped him depict the characters in this story as full and complete pictures, painted with all the hues and eccentricities he saw and heard and felt in his surroundings. He also incorporated 50 years of successful business experience in his observations of the business practices of the times and the significant events that took place throughout this era.

Anthony DiPello has been writing fiction for about 10 years, and his work has been published in various publications. The Brooklyn Iceman is his first novel.

Anthony DiPello is actually a pen name. The actual author was born in Brooklyn, New York, into an Italian-American family in the first half of the 20th century.

Old Brooklyn Church

He has never been involved in any criminal activities, has no criminal record, and has not consorted with any criminals (that he knows of). He lives in Brooklyn, New York, with his wife. He has been writing fiction for about 10 years, and many of his work has been published.

Old Brooklyn Photos He is currently working on two additional novels at this time.

Although this is a work of fiction, many of the characters are historically correct (such as Jimmy Walker, Fiorella LaGuardia, Gino Morelli, and Al Capone). The author is familiar with many of the neighborhoods of Brooklyn that he writes about, having lived in some of them as he was growing up.

He is also familiar with the restaurants included in the book, such as Lundy’s (in photo at right below), Gage and Tollner’s, Angelo’s of Mulberry Street, and Joe’s of Avenue U.

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