Delivering Papers In Old Brooklyn – A Wonderful Experience

boy-delivering-papers-2The (original) Brooklyn Eagle newspaper published from 1841 to 1955. I had a bicycle delivery route in 1952, in Flatbush, Brooklyn. They told us it was our own business; we bought the papers from the territory dispatch office, learned how to fold them so we could toss them as we rode up-and-down the blocks of our route.

The paper sacks were designed to hold over the shoulder (as shown in the illustration) but they also fit across the handle bars of the bike. We packed our folded papers into the sack, strung it across the handlebars and went out on our route every day.

Fridays were collection day. We had our little account books and went door-to-door collecting from our customers. We were taught to smile so that we might get a tip. It was a wonderful experience — a first time entrepreneurial involvement